Snapshot #1: Paris

Location: Musée d’Orsay

Sex: Female

Approximate Age: 18

While wandering about the Impressionist galleries at Musée d’Orsay, I spotted a Parisian renegade. Most of us equate Paris with style. The Parisian color palette largely consists of neutrals: beige, gray, navy and, most of all, black. This girl, who I guess was 18, but may have been younger for reasons soon to become apparent, was walking with a group of friends. I first noticed her by the Degas paintings and sculptures; from her outfit, she appeared to be a Degas devotee. The girl wore a largely white dress with a pink, green, and black pattern that included the words “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” The dress included a full pettycoat, which caused it to flare out just above the knee. As it was chilly today, she wore a light pink sweater reminiscent of those young ballerinas wear in class. The front of the sweater was tied in a large bow. On her feet, the girl wore light pink Mary Janes with three straps (because one would just be too convention) and bows on both the front and the heel of the shoe. She completed her look with a sparkly headband and two light pink, flower barrettes. I’m not sure I’d be able to guess her favorite color.

Overall look: Harajuku Girl meets four-year-old aspiring ballerina.

Provenance: Native. I had a tough time classifying this girl. She certainly didn’t adhere to the Parisian “look,” but she spoke French and seemed to know a number of students in the gallery.

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