Twenty-Four Hours in Milan

I am a terrible blogger and the first to admit it. As of today, I have fewer than two weeks left in Paris and am in a mad rush to finish everything and say goodbye.

All this– along with the incredible amounts of work I have late in the quarter– has kept me from blogging about the 24 hours I spent in Milan two (really, two?!) weeks ago.

I arrived at the Milan airport at around 12:30 PM. Obviously, the first thing I did after checking into my hotel was find risotto. By 2PM, I was eating this risotto alla milanese (risotto with saffron).

I spent most of my day near the Duomo area of Milan. Though I didn’t go inside the cathedral, I did admire the exterior. But only briefly. There were a lot of overly friendly pigeons. And street hawkers.

Just next to the Duomo is the Galleria, where I spent some time window shopping. Unsurprisingly,  most of my purchases came from the bookstore.

This lovely statue is just outside the Galleria in Piazza della Scala.

The highlight of my Milan trip was my visit to La Scala, Milan’s famous opera house, pictured above.

You can purchase a ticket for a self-guided tour of the opera house and museum, which is what I did. I even watched part of a rehearsal, which was thrilling. 

The ballroom of La Scala.

From there, I had a cappuccino at a café near the Duomo, which is the blindingly white splotch in the upper left hand corner. It was positively delightful.

I walked around the center some more, had an aperitivo, and returned to my hotel room a rather long walk away.

The next day, I stumbled upon Castello and Parque Sempione, both of which were wonderful. I spent some time strolling around the park.

I had decided that day to go to Santa Maria della Grazie, the church where The Last Supper is located. Unfortunately, you have to make a reservation to see it, especially during tourist season. They should perhaps clarify that on their website.

Nevertheless, the interior of the church was stunning, and I was quite pleased to have made the trip.

I even lit a candle for my Nana (Hi, Nana!).

After a mere 24 hours, I headed to the train station to catch a train to Venice. All in all, I felt that 24 hours was the perfect amount of time in Milan. Although it’s known for its shopping, Milan is largely an industrial/business city, so unless you’re doing some serious shopping, 24 hours is all that’s necessary to see the sights and squeeze in a bit of shopping time.

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